Speed Channel’s Living The Low Life ~ Danny D

** Update June 2008 ~ People this is a post about a taping of the show I attended. This is not site or post for the show. If you have comments or suggestions send them to Speed TV not me. I am not involved in this show nor is this a Living the low life web site.**

Speed Channel is premiering a new show this Thursday night called “Living The Low Life“. Vida Guerra is the host and the show will take a look at the lowriding culture from the types of lowriders to the painters, builders, etc.

I stopped by Danny D’s shop yesterday and they happen to be filming his segments for next week’s show. If you’ve never heard of Danny D chances are you’ve seen his work. He is one of the top custom painters in the industry. He also does pinstriping, lettering and full on car builds. Here is a link to his page and a couple of photos of the filming.

Here’s Danny giving Vida a overview on how different types of patterns/stripes get painted.

Paint Demo

Here’s a shot of Danny & Vida and Danny holding Vida’s photo.

Danny & Vida

Danny D Sticker

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~ by jaebueno on February 20, 2008.

19 Responses to “Speed Channel’s Living The Low Life ~ Danny D”

  1. …and where’s Saul at? LOL…..hopefully he was there reporting on it.

  2. HAHA! Nope, it was just me and my camera…

  3. Dang, I wish we could see this show over here!!
    Looking forward to see it!


  4. Wow ! With a host like that, i’ll be watching every week !

  5. dam. what a hot host i would love to see a full nude spread on her

  6. Yeah, Vida Guerra is one bad girl thats all imma say and imma close with that. She’s like Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup: umm umm gooood. forgive me yall, someitmes i cant help myself :D

  7. Does anyone know where I can get an Exterior Sun Visor for a 1950 Cadillac?

  8. Ralph, I suggest you post your question on the message boards on layitlow.com. You’ll probably have better luck there.

  9. Hey! This is Susan a.k.a ESKIMO SUE. I love your show. I just watched it for the first time and I love it. Do you have magazines? Do you give advice? I have a 1981 Camaro and I dont know what to do with it,I would love to paint it but thats all I can think of…can you give me ideas on the different colors? Anyway Im from Regina,Saskatchewan Canada..drop in some time.
    Thank you and keep the show going I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  10. she is ssooooo hot

  11. Your show is really good but get a better hostess. She butchers the spanish and the people on the show have to correct her and she isn’t even that hot. Her lack of knowledge about the cars shows through. There are plenty of hot chicks that know their stuff about cars. Find one.

    Other then that the show is great.

  12. hey guys,

    Danny D. is nominated for the Favorite Alternative Artist. Although you are no longer able to vote, you are still able to catch him on the American Latino Tv Awards show. The show will air nation wide. For local listings, please visit http://www.americanlatino.tv/awards

  13. hey guys i love your show i watch it all the time keep the work up

  14. k buena estas mamasita

  15. Great show but when are you goign to show some love to the bay area!! Northern Cali has it cracking up here to with the low riders too!!!

  16. Do you know if there are any plans to bring it to the uk?

  17. I have a chevy 210 1954 I have broken the glass front door and back glass can you tell me where I can find thanks

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