Travel Day ~ Colorado Springs

So today was my travel day to the “Springs”. It was raining this morning when Super Shuttle came for me but by the time we got to LAX is was dry. I was so glad ’cause I did not want to take off in the rain… I got to the airport 2.5 hours before boarding and it was a good thing ’cause it took forever to get through security screening.

Right before we are to board, United informs us that their mechanics are checking the plane and have found a problem. Great, of course there is no eta for boarding. So I sat and waited, and waited until finally we were able to board an hour later.

Good bye Los Angeles

Take Off!

On approach to Colorado Springs I see nothing but snow!


Unfortunately as we got closer to the airport the snow became scarce. It is supposed to snow this week while I’m here.

The sun was setting as I walked to my rental SUV.


The local gang was kicking it in the parking lot of my hotel. I tried not to make eye contact since I was out numbered…

Colorado Springs Locals

This time around I am staying at the Marriott right outside the HP campus. I’ve stayed here before when it was a Wyndham. The rooms are nice. LCD televisions are standard issue now.

Room Shot

How sick is this! The hotel provides cables so you can attach your laptop to the LCD tv! This is a first for me!

Now that's a monitor!

I asked for a room on the top floor with a mountain view. Hopefully it will clear up tomorrow morning and I can get a good shot of Pikes Peak!

Until then….

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~ by jaebueno on February 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Travel Day ~ Colorado Springs”

  1. I hear that Colorado is a very nice & beautiful place especially the scenery there. A good friend i use to work with once told me that.

    I think the cold weather is what would bother me though, I get enough of it here and here is nothing compare to there so i can only imagine but i hope you had or i mean are having a great time, definitely seems like a good place to vacate & clear your mind. Just dont end up like Kobe alrite? lol. j/k of course ;)

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