Colorado Springs ~ Day Two

It snowed overnight! I woke up about 3am and looked outside and saw the white powdery stuff hitting the ground. I got up early just to take a couple of shots before class.

This is my rental covered in snow. The Marriott has a couple of guys go through the parking lot and scrape the ice and snow from the guests cars. Kudos to the Marriott for doing this.

A message to my family…

Miss You

I ran into the local gang again. They kept their distance. They heard I’m from Los Angeles.

The Locals

More snow!



Took a quick drive through Garden of the Gods after class. Saw these guys on the side of the road.

Garden of the Gods Deer

Rockin out!

Garden of the Gods

Balanced Rock

Balanced Rock

I ran into my buddy Roland at Balanced Rock.

Roland & Balanced Rock

On the way out.

Focal Zoom

Just finished dinner so it time to get ready for class tomorrow. Stay tuned…

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~ by jaebueno on February 26, 2008.

One Response to “Colorado Springs ~ Day Two”

  1. Awesome pictures and cute message :) Pretty funny about the local gang! Hurry home…you’re missed too!!!!

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