For Ricky & JDM Jay ~ Casio G-Shock x Nismo 25th Anniversary

Casio G-Shock 


To further tribute Casio G-Shock’s 25th anniversary, an incredible partnership with Nissan’s in-house tuner brand has resulted in a special edition G-Shock x Nismo Fairlady Z. Commonly known as the 350Z elsewhere around the world, the car features obvious Nismo branding and parts as well as the addition of a limited run MRG-8000G G-Shock. This project is exclusive to Taiwan according to Conope.

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~ by jaebueno on March 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “For Ricky & JDM Jay ~ Casio G-Shock x Nismo 25th Anniversary”

  1. ooooh that’s freaking yummy!!! I am betting it is 2 things: 1 out of my price range and 2. out of my ability to get ahold of :( Thanx for the look though jae jae!

  2. Hello!,

  3. Stay away from the zshock, they are cheap and lightweight and certainly not worth the money… Not only that the hassle of returning it was aweful just like their customer service.

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