Spotted ~ Downtown Los Angeles

So I’m leaving Staples on Figueroa in Downtown Los Angeles this morning and I see a group of motorcycle cops with lights on coming my way. As they get closer I notice they are escorting a group of cars. There must have been about 20 cars in the procession. This wasn’t a funeral it was a line of…

The Audi R8!

From what I understand they are limited here in the US and there is a waiting list. I didn’t have a camera with me so I had to borrow a photo from Audi USA. It appears they were filming for something cause there was a camera van and two helecopters overhead. They went all the way up Figueroa and I kept trying to get a closer look but the police escorts kept all the other cars away. I lost them when I got caught at a red light. Beautiful sight of a beautiful car! Only in LA…


~ by jaebueno on April 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Spotted ~ Downtown Los Angeles”

  1. I chased a Dodge Challenger SRT8, orange with black stripe and Rock City plates through my ‘burbs…that was fun, but he was packing and I couldn’t always catch up! :)

  2. Man that R8 is hot. Nice job by Audi doing up this ride. Really digging those LED’s around the headlights…kinda cool/unique. Me personally, I’d prefer a blk/blk ride.


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