Event Coverage ~ Majestics Fundraiser ~ Elysian Park

Julian & I went out to Elysian Park today to support the Majestics and Smiley at their fundraiser. The park was packed with people and cars! There was alot of clubs and solo riders in attendance. I donated a tee and hat for the raffle. The weather was not ldeal but that did not stop people from coming out and supporting the fundraiser. I hope there was alot of $$ raised. Get better Smiley!

John Jarasa Editor of Heavy Hitters Magazine was out showing his support. Here’s his Lexus.

John Jarasa ~ Lexus GS300

There was some gas hoppin’ going on!

Gas Hoppin'

Gas Hoppin'

 Some of the rides that were hard parking.

Topo's Wide Body Charger

Hard Parking

Hard Parking

On The Down Low

Stylistics Car Club

Los Angeles Car Club

Majestics on the bumper!


Low & Slow on a Sunday afternoon.

Elysian Park Cruising

James from Lifestyle CC was out showing his support. All those of you attending the Nite Life show in Santa Barbara next week Lifestyle is bringing alot of cars up for the show so have your cameras ready!

James ~ Lifestyle CC

I have more photos to go through so stay tuned for another post of photos.


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~ by jaebueno on May 25, 2008.

6 Responses to “Event Coverage ~ Majestics Fundraiser ~ Elysian Park”

  1. Wow Jae these are absolutely bangn’!!!
    How do you get such saturation in these shots?
    Great angles too.

  2. Thanks Puro, I up the saturation on the camera. No post processing, just in camera settings. BTW, I wore a Lowrider Supreme tee and got lots of compliments. You know I had to point them to your site!

  3. very nice jae! The turn out looks great! That freaking charger is off the chains!!!


  5. Johns ride is always looking hot. Learned something new today…didn’t know John was the man at HH. Now I know why the damn mag is so hard to get ahold of. Good work guys(jae on photos and john on HH.)

  6. Hey, you have a great blog here! I’m definitely going to bookmark you!

    it is amazing and GREATE post here ..

    Thanks & REgards

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