Weekend Recap ~ Family Celebrations

This weekend was all about my family and celebrating with them. I did not attend any events other than family events. Sometimes you just have to focus on what’s the most important and put everything else aside.

Saturday was a graduation celebration for my nephew Christopher and my niece Cassie. Christopher just graduated from Bishop Amat High School and will be attending Cal Poly Pomona. Cassie just graduated from St. Louis of France School and will be attending Bishop Amat High School.  Congrats to both of you!


Sunday was Father’s Day so after having breakfast with the family(which they made for me!) we went to my in law’s for a BBQ. We brought Julian’s Slip N Slide and after a couple of runs he was done! You can see why from the photo! Gotta admit he got some pretty good air! Caila tried & tried to get him to continue but he was done!

Slip N Slide


The weekend was great and look forward to more just like this one in the coming months!


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~ by jaebueno on June 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “Weekend Recap ~ Family Celebrations”

  1. Thanks, Brother, to you and Steph for all your help during the graduations and the celebration this weekend.

    Glad your Father’s Day was a nice one…You are a fabulous father who does so much for his kids! I love you!!!


  2. Nice recap Jae! poor little Julian looks like that might have hurt a little..

  3. All i can say is..


    good times!

    -CNB :)

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