Update ~ 2008 SEMA Show Project Vehicles ~ Toyota & Scion

There are now live photos of the Toyota Venza Sportlux by Street Image. Check out this link from the media event at Toyota HQ. Sorry E, I could not grab the actual photos…

 Scion has posted renderings of their project cars on thier site. Here’s the link. This year as part of the Scion tC Tuner challenge, my friends Fast Eddie (Fast Eddie’s Garage, Commune, F.I.S.M) is building one, JP aka John Pangilinan (I.D. Agency, Fatlace Blogger,) as is Mark Arcenal (Fatlace, Nike). Here are the renderings.

Fast Eddie’s Garage

John Pangilinan

Mark Arcenal

Here’s an XB by the Drag Cartel that will be in the Scion area as well.

I stopped by the build garage for the Heavy Hitters Magazine Ford Flex last night for a quick preview. All I have to say is woah! That Flex is going to hurt some Motor Trend feelings! HAHA!

~ by jaebueno on October 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Update ~ 2008 SEMA Show Project Vehicles ~ Toyota & Scion”

  1. […] Challenge awards 1st John P 2nd Eddie H 3rd Mark A ~ I blog about the contest a few weeks back. Go here for the post. Photo from […]

  2. That second, blue tC looks absolutely fantastic. I love the body kit on it. I wonder if it’ll ever make it to production?

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