Design ~ Danny D License Plate Topper

A license plate topper is an object that is attached to the license plate of a classic car, bomb or lowrider. Back in the day they were used to advertise oil companies, dealerships (Felix Chevrolet) or car manufacturers. In the lowrider culture, I have seen everything from Felix the Cat to car club plaques displayed.

Some toppers are cast in metal and or resin. Danny D hooked up with Alvaro “Puro” Cervantes to have his logo produced. Puro took care of creating the wax model, resin casting and finally the zinc casting by Jas from CCF Customs. Puro met up with Danny in Las Vegas at the Super Show and handed him the finished products. I was Danny D’s today and saw them in person for the first time. They are awesome! Great work by everyone involved especially Puro and his amazing artistic talent!

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~ by jaebueno on October 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “Design ~ Danny D License Plate Topper”

  1. WOW!! Puro Knocked this out! Very OG design! Will this include a Lifestyles name plate with it?

  2. Ricky, there will be two offerings one will have Danny’s signature logo and the other will be blank. The blank one will give the owner the option to put whatever they like in the space.

  3. WOw Jae! Thanks so much for covering this.
    I have to thank Danny D for giving me a chance to be part of this! It was my pleasure to be able to bring Danny’s mascot to life!
    Great history on this too!

  4. how much 4 a plaque 4 our low rider bike club we are a least 10 members and they’r comming more so please give’ a good deal our name of tha club is LOW RIDER EXPRESSIONS BIKE CLUB SAN DIEGO CA. PLEASE replay fast

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