Preview ~ Lowrider Supreme Brand ~ Forgive Me

Puro is at it again! He just sent me a preview of the latest design about to drop on the Lowrider Supreme brand. Here’s the concept of the design.

“In our lifetime we will all sin but it is also up to us to ask for forgiveness. It certainly is not original but what is different is that it is my take on life and death. At the top is the Lil Clown Angel overlooking what is going on. Below we have some of man kind’s vices, smoking, gambling and human pleasures! The rosary/cross and the main graphic the skull and brim hat, underneath is the Virgin De Guadalupe in a mirror image life and death and Thorn bushes surrounding the whole design. At the bottom in spanish in banner it says ” PERDONAME” which means FORGIVE ME.”

I’d say that once again Puro has outdone himself! Look for this to hit the online store of Lowrider Supreme real soon. You can also see a larger image of the design on my Flickr page. Link on the right.

Thanks again for sharing this with me Puro!

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~ by jaebueno on November 20, 2008.

15 Responses to “Preview ~ Lowrider Supreme Brand ~ Forgive Me”

  1. VERY DOPE!!! Puro this is A++ bro!

  2. Thanks Realmz!!!
    Much appreciate the comments.
    How’s things with you?
    Thanks Jae!!!

  3. Plugging along Puro. Definately doing it BIG man! Keep up the HOT designs!

  4. Trying to brother, trying to…
    Gotta show all the fine folks in Cali that up in EL NORTE we got skillz too.

  5. Lowrider Supreme Doin’ Big Thangs up in EL NORTE ( I speack Spanish Too!)

    Like I Said in the Vid Bro, We be Hibernating 6 month, but When we Come Out, YOU BETTA WATCH OUT!!

    Completly Outdone ourself Bro!!! Mad Props!!

    Make sure you got a Large For me!!!! and 2xl for Bubs!!!

  6. Much respect Jas!
    Dos Reyes!!

  7. Puro….awesome work. sent jae a text on how impressive your work is. Keep it going strong!!! and way to represent!!! just need this in a mens size:-)….still have love for that one Julian was sporting at the lowrider event.

    Take care,


  8. Thanks so much Brian and I have not forgotten about that tee.Makes me feel great knowing people are rally looking and appreciating the work that goes into doing these types of murals.
    Much respect brother.

  9. Looks like an OG Abel and Mister Cartoon rip. But without the advanced skill level of the two artist he’s trying to imitate. :(

  10. Puro is not trying to imitate anyone. Matter of fact, he counts both OG Abel & Cartoon as influences.

  11. La_Raza,
    Thanks for the compliment, cause its ignorantes like you that make me work that much harder at my craft! Also if you say that its a cross between OGABEL & CARTOON then I’m I must be doing something right!They are my strongest influences and the two I respect the most in this game.
    Every piece of that design is hand drawn & original.I spoke to OG ABEL himself and you know what he thought of it???
    He told me and I quote “ITS DOPE”
    Thanks for

  12. Puro you got madd skillz homie , cant wait to add this one to my collection!! being compared to o.g abel and cartoon is an honor!!

  13. I hear you DREEGZ! It is an honor.I’m just lucky enough to have been blessed so I can one day leave my mark on the world too and maybe even inspire some peeps.

  14. Puro did it again chingado I can’t believe the skills this homie has.
    Puros a down motherfucker and to see people on here tryna say he’s copying people and other artists thats just bullshit.
    I personally love PUROS artwork and truely feel he’s connecting big with the RAZA I myself have asked for his assistance in a few projects from club shirt design to a tattoo design to some stuff for my ride.All I gotta say is PURO keep doing your thang and don’t let these putos or there negativity get you down.
    I brought down to WEST TEXAS your design and people were amazed and so are our brothers here in CHITOWN so don’t trip homie you have alotta supporters and alotta people who are gonna be right behind you every step of the way “CONTINUE ON YOUR SUCCESS”


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