Images ~ Oldies Car Club Picnic & Living The Low Life Filming

George from Oldies CC invited me out to a picnic the club was having for a filming of the hit show “Living The Low Life” on Speed TV. The turn out was awesome. The club had various chapters on hand and alot of great cars.

Chris Roark had his recently crowned Lowrider of the Year “The Perfect Score” on hand.

This car has so much detail it is a must see in person. It will have a cover feature in LRM real soon.

Here’s George getting interviewed by the LTLL crew. The crew was very nice and great to talk to.

More images from the picnic. I have a few hundred photos to go through. There is also more on my Flickr page.

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~ by jaebueno on November 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “Images ~ Oldies Car Club Picnic & Living The Low Life Filming”

  1. How can I get ahold of you in regards to your picture can we get copies o purchase a copy of a picture from you?

  2. Your cars and pictures are amazing. We are going to Vegas on April 10 th to a car show there will some of these be there?

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