Profile ~ Tattoo Artist Jack Rudy

A living legend Jack Rudy has influenced many artist over the years including Mister Cartoon, Jose Lopez, Tattoo Tony and countless others. Jack has defined the tattoo art of fineline black & grey tattooing.

Mister Cartoon & Jack Rudy at the Righteous Kill VIP event earlier this year.

When an artist like Jack influences other artists and the art they produce it is a testament to the talent that he possesses. I think it is an honor to see your influence and/or style in someone else’s art. Why must people turn it into a negative?

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~ by jaebueno on November 26, 2008.

11 Responses to “Profile ~ Tattoo Artist Jack Rudy”

  1. Well said Jae!! I couldn’t have said it better! Raza is supposed to help out Raza! NOT keep putting each other down! POSITIVITY is the only change!
    Stay cool my brother.

  2. The people throwing negatives out are those that enjoy bringing drama. Their lives revolve around causing conflicts! Such as almost every sorry ass person in Virginia!

  3. Picked up a Neighborhood/Boneyards tee with Jack Rudys work on it…one of my favorite tees to sport. Clean lines. of course black/grey.

  4. jack your still the shit,i love your work,,YOUR OLD FREIND BOSTON JOHN,i left hollywood,im in boston now,AMERICANA TATTOO 158 union ave Framingham,MA

  5. jack, you did a tattoo for me in Detroit in 2000. my dad ,police chief ,and fellow marine. could you suggest a good artist in Berlin, Germany? appreciate any help…thanks..friend of gill montie

  6. Hello when you come to china please find me in Beijing tattoo convention Jies tattoo supplies will be go there too!

  7. Hey check out this vid of Jack Rudy on SulleTV:

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