Event Coverage ~ Soul Assassins Live At The BBQ & Lifestyle CC’s Turkey Bowl

Stephanie, Julian & I headed to the Soul Assassins boutique this afternoon to shoot some images of the Fall 08 drop for Lowrider Girls. Lots of great designs available now! Head over to the store or visit soulassassins.com to buy yours! Here’s a preview of some of the new designs.

We then headed to Lifestyle’s Turkey Bowl. Lots of great cars to see in all stages of completion. I will not show any of the cars under construction out of respect to the owners and the club.

Fireman’s 63 Impala ~ Two Face

Tim’s 57 Chevy ~ GoldDigger

One of the latest rides to come out of Danny D’s shop

Joe Ray on the mound! Yep, I shot the image through the fence.

Big Fern up to bat!

John Krash up next!

Frank’s El Bandido ~ Legendary Lowrider Truck

Mr. Latino’s Lincoln ~ Low, Lean and Clean!

Seanzilla’s Caddilac ~ UsVsThem

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~ by jaebueno on November 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Event Coverage ~ Soul Assassins Live At The BBQ & Lifestyle CC’s Turkey Bowl”

  1. Jae your blog rules bro. Wanna swap links? http://www.losboulevardos.com

  2. Adamo!
    I put you in my links too homie!
    Wutz good Jae!

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