Place ~ Nike iD Studio at the Montalban Theater ~ Hollywood, CA

In early August, Nike Sportswear moved into its summer home here in Los Angeles with a very special three month retail installation at the Montalbán theate in Hollywood. The historic Montalbán theater has played host to special programming by Nike Sportswear and consumers have been able to purchase select Nike Sportswear apparel and footwear from the space, including icons such as the Windrunner, the AW 77 Hoody, the Nike Dunk, Air Max 90 as well as the NSW collection, Nike Sportswear’s pinnacle apparel line, a collection steeped in sports but pushed to the cutting edge of engineering, craftsmanship, and modern design. Upstairs at the Montalban is the iD Studio where consumers can create their very own custom Nike footwear with the help of a Nike iD consultant. The iD Studio is by appointment only and available to the public on Saturdays. All other days the iD Studio is not available to the public.

Last week while reading URB Magazine’s email newsletter I noticed a link to a Nike iD Session contest page on thier site.  Now normally I don’t register for contests but for some reason the chance to visit the Montalban and have a session in the iD Studio made me enter. Fast forward to early this week I get an email from Jolie from URB letting me know I won the contest! Whaaaaaaaaaaaat! Me?! I immediately emailed her back and contacted Tanya from Nike to schedule my appointment for today.

Stephanie & I shot down to the Montalban this afternoon and met up with Dana Moore from Nike. She led us upstairs to begin the session. I don’t know if any of you have every visited the iD web page to create your own shoes but let me tell you it is much, much cooler at the Montalban with the HUGE screen to see your design come to life and Dana helping you along! You know I had to have images from the experience so Stephanie  was shooting away while we went through the process.

At the end of the process Dana presented me with a plastic card that had my info on one side and a image of my shoe on the other. I decided to design the class Air Max 90. The shoes will be here in about 4 weeks so you know there will be a follow up entry! Thanks again to Jolie & URB, Tanya & Dana at Nike. This was an awesome experience!

Here I am holding the swatches of the available materials.

Dana & I doing work!

My shoe the “NO BUENO” on the big screen!

There are a few more photos on my Flickr page. Link on the right.

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~ by jaebueno on December 19, 2008.

7 Responses to “Place ~ Nike iD Studio at the Montalban Theater ~ Hollywood, CA”

  1. That’s sick!So does that mean you get to purchase the 1 off of your created shoe??

  2. Ricky, not only did I get to create the shoe but I get a pair in about 4 weeks free of charge!


  4. thats just dopeness and a half!!! ROCK THE FREAK ON with a FREE 1 off pair!

  5. AWESOME, Brother!!!! Can’t wait to see the shoes!

  6. CONGRATS. That’s AWESOME. Fernie and the kids had the opportunity to customize their own at one of Cartoon’s events. Fun experience.


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