Assignment ~ The Hundreds vs American Eagle ~ Upset the Setup!

Bobby & Ben are my homies and I have always supported them and their brand. I hate it when a large corporation rips off an original design and does not take the original design owner serious. With that being said Bobby put this request up on Hypebeast.
“So you are obviously aware of how American Eagle ripped Adam Bomb for those boxers, right? Kinda a ridiculous situation.. Well, apparently their corporate attorneys aren’t taking us very seriously, and don’t really believe that their stores are still selling the product nationwide.”

Do the following:

1) take a photo of the boxers at your local AE store,
2) and take a photo of the storefront itself,
3) datestamp the photos,
4) and tell us WHERE the store is,

email that all to us at along with your t-shirt size and mailing address. We will send you a FREE t-shirt. Yup, you heard me.

This contest goes until THEY get the point. Upset the Setup! Game on!

CEAST & DESIST American Eagle!

~ by jaebueno on January 28, 2009.

One Response to “Assignment ~ The Hundreds vs American Eagle ~ Upset the Setup!”

  1. I am SOOOOon an AE mission today!

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