Images ~ ODB Lowrider Experience ~ San Diego

I cancelled all my plans last weekend after losing my dad Friday afternoon. My family encouraged me to continue with my plans to help me cope. I’m glad they did ’cause I would have gone crazy at home. Stephanie & I drove to San Diego Sunday morning for the opener of the ODB Lowrider Experience Tour. I’ll be honest, it was hard at times to stay focused but we managed to get through the day with the help of alot of our friends. I will have full event coverage in a future issue of Lowrider Magazine.

JD’s latest creation ~ UCE

UCE was showing strong in San Diego. Great seeing you Kita!

Gotta love a Rivi!

Elite CC

Imperials CC ~ San Diego

Jesse Valadez Jr. Imperials CC Los Angeles ~ Joey Hernandez Techniques CC Los Angeles

DUB Magazine brought out their DUB Live Expo to San Diego

The hopping contest was CRAZY! They put on a great show for San Diego!

Congrats to Beto and the team. I think the show went well. Make sure you guys catch one of the next dates on the tour!

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~ by jaebueno on March 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Images ~ ODB Lowrider Experience ~ San Diego”

  1. My condolences Jae, I lost my mom to Cancer not too long ago and know how you feel. Our parents would want us to remember them and do what we love too and not wallow. Our parents will always be with us as long as we honor and remember them. :)

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