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As contributors to print media publications, Stephanie & I are proponents of printed materials. Newspapers, magazines, flyers and other types of printed media are suffering because of the use of electronic types of media. Don’t get me wrong, it is very cool to see magazines or newspapers configured for viewing on an iPhone or iPad but nothing beats holding a well executed piece of printed matter like the latest issue of Lowrider Magazine.

Printed media is suffering worldwide but corporate and independent publishers are still fighting the fight and producing printed materials. Last night my friend Oryu who published 38 Timez Magazine in Japan came by the house to drop off  his latest special edition book called “Fallen Angels”. The first two books “City of Angels” and “Lost Angels” are still highly sought after books and hard to come by. I’ve mentioned Oryu and his body of work a few times on here before because of the great care he takes producing his magazine and book series.

After unwrapping the plastic cover and holding the book in my hands, I almost did not want to open it because it is so nice. The cover art by Mike Pickel is raised so it is a better than average cover which in my opinion is suitable for framing. Once you open the book, it is filled with a lot of great content. Although I cannot read Japanese, the images throughout the book are outstanding and the content has just about something for everyone. Art, cars, tattoos, history and much more.  Again, the content would probably look great on a computer monitor, mobile phone or tablet but nothing beats holding a well executed piece of printed media.

In this third edition I was fortunate to have a few of my photographs included. I’d like to thank Oryu again for the opportunity. Here is one of the photos featured.

Ok, now the question everyone will probably ask is where and how can you get the books. The books and the magazine are released in Japan but some on occasion do make it to the United States.  I have seen them for sale on EBAY and I know Greenspans has carried them but I do not know if they are still available there. I hope you are able to get your hands on a copy of the “Fallen Angels” book or the first two. You will not be disappointed. Finally, remember to support print media. Buy and newspaper, magazine or a book on your way home from work today.

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~ by jaebueno on February 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “Images ~ Support Print Media”

  1. i get my copy of LRM every month and would love to have a copy of “Fallen Angels”… this is a good post Jae, nothing beats having a great Magazine to hold in hand or to resort back to every couple of years, pics online are awesome but the realism of print media is something i will always treasure… thanks for your awesome contribution to it!!!

  2. Great photography. The printed media is irreplaceable. Greenspan’s is carrying, the 2011 (and 2010, 2009) Fallen Angels,in store, with photography by Jae Bueno!

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