Event Coverage ~ GoodTimes CC ~ Highland Park Show

The family & I hit up the GoodTimes show in Highland Park this morning. Good turnout, it was too hot so we bounced after an hour…

Head Up

L-R ~ Hunter (SA Studios), Estevan Oriol, Brian Grazer (Producer) and Friends.


This seem to be a popular stance at the show.


Never too young to lowride…

Lowrider Bike

Lowrider Bike

Say ahh…

Hood Up

Maniacos ~ Los Angeles



Two Wheel Customs


Lowrider Bicycles

Last one for the night… More tomorrow.





~ by jaebueno on June 29, 2008.

6 Responses to “Event Coverage ~ GoodTimes CC ~ Highland Park Show”

  1. ahh nice nice….you see a shorter white cat there that looked like Fred Durst? He works here in VA and he flys out to LA almost as frequent as I do. He says he hangs out with the cats from Good Times and was talking at work about being at that show. Nice flicks for sure! Be out there in a few!!!

  2. Great pics as usual Jae!
    Nice colors man.

  3. Nice flicks! Makes me want to not post any up. LOL.

  4. nice flicks .keep up the nice work

  5. nice flicks. keep up the nice work

  6. Jae you could easily have you’re own gallery showing with all the great photos you take.!!
    Remember I said it first.lol

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