Event Coverage ~ Oldies SFV 30th Anniversay Banquet

Saturday night the San Fernando Valley chapter of the Oldies Car Club held their anniversay banquet in Burbank California. The night was filled with good food, music and award presentations. Look for a full feature in a future issue of Lowrider Magazine. A special thanks to George and Ricardo (VP & Pres of the club) for the invite and the hospitality. Stephanie & I had a great time!

Ricardo & George with the original Oldies plaque.

George’s car in the hotel parking lot.

Some of the decor at the banquet.

~ by jaebueno on July 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Event Coverage ~ Oldies SFV 30th Anniversay Banquet”

  1. My husband and I were at the Oldies dinner. I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you. I’ve enjoyed the photos you’ve taken of husband’s 38 Buick.



  2. Margaret, I’m sure I will run into you and your husband at a show sooner or later. The car is beautiful and one of my favorites. Jae

  3. Dear Jae,

    How are you? I’d like to let you know, It was a pleasure meeting youreself and you wife at the oldies 30th ann. I also want to thank you on behalf of the band.– Vel Omarr,Danny Torres, Jay Pacheco,and Chino Rodriguez for taking photos of the band. I hope to see you soon at another event. Alfred Chacon of Vel omarr and the p’zazz. Velomarrsings.com

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