Event Coverage ~ Life Inside Opening Reception ~ Patrick Painter Gallery

Last night was the opening of the Life Inside gallery show over at Patrick Painter’s Melrose Gallery. The family & I got there right before it started so I was able to take photos of the art before the masses arrived. The show featured some great pieces by some great artists. John Jarasa curated the show and I have to say and not just ’cause he’s my friend, he did an outstanding job. The layout of the art, the vibe and the selection was great. People flowed in and out all night. Look for a full feature in a future issue of Heavy Hiiters Magazine.

Curator John Jarasa with his biggest supporters, his mom and sister.

Check out the engraving on this piece. The detail was sick!

Photo by Edgar Hoill

Wall Installation by Philth

Detail of Philth’s wall installation

Big Bad Onyxx x Patrick Painter x John Jarasa

Photo by John Jarasa

I believe this was drawn with pens

Charlie Row Campo

Tattoo Tony (Lifestyle CC/TattooTony.com) & his daughter


Adrian Nieto

Edgar Hoill

On the way to our car after the show we spotted this Heavy Hitters wheatpaste on a trashbin nearby. I went back and lit it with my headlights and took a photo.

More photos later…

~ by jaebueno on July 27, 2008.

5 Responses to “Event Coverage ~ Life Inside Opening Reception ~ Patrick Painter Gallery”

  1. Very nice coverage Mr. Jae. Looks like the Gallery was hopping! Yet again another disappointing time here on the east coast…

  2. Hey Jae, nice shots as always and good to see you again. Hope to hang out again soon! Take care!

  3. Very cool pics JAE!! Congrats to John and the whole crew for putting on what looks like a very interesting show.

  4. A lot of photographers are going to be looking for another job if you keep this up! LMFAO. Thanks for coming by with the family.

  5. Brother, If I didn’t know any better I would swear that’s cousin Eddie!

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