Subscribe ~ Heavy Hitters Magazine Subscription

 Heavy Hitters Magazine is now offering subscriptions and you’ll find the sub forms in the next issue. By tomorrow I should also have a link which will allow you to subscribe directly online.  A full years subscription will cost you only $14.95 and that breaks down to only $2.50 an issue! So subscribe now and have Heavy Hitters Magazine delivered to your home or office! 

Thanks to for the info and image.

~ by jaebueno on September 3, 2008.

5 Responses to “Subscribe ~ Heavy Hitters Magazine Subscription”

  1. I’m getting my subscription!!!
    Sick art, design, articles and sick quality!!

  2. jaejae thanks for the heads up. was fortunate to get my hands on issue #5 while down in vegas. excellent mag. will definately subscribe.


  3. WILL BUY ISSUES 1,5, and 6 FOR ANYONE THAT IS WILLING TO SELL!!! after I bought issue number 4, I haven’t found another issue since and now it’s on number 6???? and it has the subscription form!!! I WANNA SUBSCRIBE!! AHHHHHHH anyone willing to sell hit me up!

  4. Tight magazine, the only one (to me) that speaks to the people behind the expensive cars, what they do, what inspired them and good life facts. OVERALL THE BEST MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i get your mag. and would like to change my adress from daniel somers 120 Azalea ave. bBen lomond ca. 95005 to 1470 S. Bernardo ave. Sunnyvale ca. 94087 thanks

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